Sunday, July 8, 2012

Floral Craze

Laid-back Cool

Today was a perfect day: breakfast and shopping; my two favorite things! I am obsessed with vintage and antique shopping, and today we went into the cutest antique shop by my house and snapped some pictures while we looked around.

(The photog aka. BF)
While dressing I styled around my new Van Halen cut off; with the color scheme of these shorts they were kind of a given. I absolutely love them, they fit so well and are really flattering on any body type. They're last season, but florals are everything this season. Hey! did you notice my Forth of July nail job? :)
Cut off Van Halen T-shirt by Forever21, Floral High-waisted shorts by Kimchi Blue (Urban Outfitters) (old), Sandals by Chinese Laundry (TJMaxx) (old), Bag by Coach (Classic Stewardess), Headpiece by Forever21, Watch & Sunnies both by Coach, Lipstick by Mac (Chatter Box)

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